Refilling service is available only for original or remanufactured inkjet cartridges. The filling process is a 5 steps system that takes 15 to 20 minutes. This service is only available in stores. Detail

In-store pickup& Delivery        

In-store pickup Details

Get your order delivered for free in one of our stores SosCartouches !

  • -Delivery is free for all items.
  • -The delivery process can take up to 1 to 3 working days
  • -We will contact you by phone to inform you that your order has arrived in store.


Delivery  Detail

Sos Cartridges applies fixed costs of delivery. Fixed costs vary by method of delivery. Charges are as follows.:

  • -Standarddelivery - $ 5.95
  • -Express delivery - $10.95


Free delivery  Detail

Sos Cartouches offers FREE SHIPPING on all online orders $ 45 or more after discounts and before taxes. The cost of delivery will be automatically deducted from your order. This offer does not apply to orders shipped to Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories.



Collection point for the Mira Foundation. Detail

Sos Cartouches is one of the officials collection points  of the Mira Foundation. You can bring your empty cartridges or cartridges that you do not use to one of our stores. A small act of kindness that makes all the difference to our environment and sustainable development.

Did you know that ?

Each remanufactured cartridge is one cartridge less that ends in landfills.

If all printer cartridges were reused once, we could reduce 50% waste associated with printing consumables.

Used cartridges are part of the family of SIW  "Special Industrial Waste": they contain highly toxic plastic components for the environment (aluminum, plastic non-biodegradable, iron oxide, waste ink, drum containing arsenic and silver nitrate);

These cartridges are made up of various harmful elements that penetrate soil and contaminate it. Used cartridges therefore pose a risk to health.


It takes to produce a new laser cartridge approximately 3.5l oil and inkjet cartridge 90ml.

- 20-30% sold consumables (cartridges) in the world are reconditioned.

- More than 85% of ink cartridges end up in landfill sites and waste treatment.

- It takes about 1,000 years until a printer cartridge is fully decomposed.

- It is possible to remanufacture and reuse ink cartridges between 3 and 7 times.

- Simply print 10,000 pages to generate 70kg of waste cartridges. .

- Analysis of the life cycle of a cartridge shows that it is up to two times more beneficial reuse rather than recycle its components (energy, raw materials and waste savings).